February 12, 2016

Rehearsal Studios Now Available

Call or email today and schedule an appointment to come view the few remaining studios at the Music Garage. … [more]

Rehearsal Studios Now Available Rehearsal Studios Now Available

Production Suites

Each suite comes equipped with a live room and  attached control room. Excellent for mixing , tracking… [more]

Production Suites Production Suites

Our Mission

Here at the Music Garage we understand that when you're looking for a studio or rehearsal facility, you… [more]

Our Mission Our Mission

Our Mission

At the Music Garage we understand that when you’re looking for a studio or rehearsal facility, you aren’t just renting space, you’re investing in your career. That’s why we have made it our mission to provide you with the facilities, tools, and information you need to achieve your goals. If you are serious about your music, you won’t find a better environment to interact and create than the Music Garage.


A Word from Our Consuls…

By Delara Alviri and Sofia Bergfeld We recently had the privilege to interview both Brian Rosenblatt and Brian Saucier about their vast experience working in entertainment law. You may be familiar with “the Brians” from our recent Chicago Music Professionals seminars. Music Garage:  We first turned our attention to repeated mistakes that clients seem to always make. […]

“Caution: Read Before Signing” – Chicago Music Professionals Event Review

By Sofia Bergfeld Chicago Music Professional’s second Meetup presented again by “The Brian’s” focused on contracts, specifically the cautionary action artists should take before signing any contract. They began by stating the basic elements of a contract and introduced the hypothetical of a four-member band to better illustrate the situations and terms an individual may […]


Read The Fine Print!

 Read The Fine Print! By Delara Alviri Disputes between artists and their labels are nothing new. Conflict may ensue whether you are at the peak of your career or just starting out. Some stories have been known only to those involved while others have become famous music history. One can only hope to never get […]

CMP’s Next Event: “Caution – Read Before Signing!”

By Delara Alviri and Sofia Bergfeld  The first Chicago Music Professionals meeting here at Music Garage was a success, and we already have the second one planned! “Caution – Read Before Signing!” will be held Wednesday, November 11, 2015 from 7 to 9:30 pm. This meeting will be focusing on the fine print of contracts- […]

“Building Your Team”: CMP’s First Session Packs the Room

By Delara Alviri The first Chicago Music Professionals Meetup with Brian Rosenblatt and Brian Saucier was incredibly engaging and helpful. The event started with about half an hour of networking between artists, managers, engineers, students, and professionals from every branch of business. “The Brians” shared their knowledge about multiple aspects of a team that is […]