May 26, 2019

Riot Fest Ticket Sales

Our friends at Riot Fest recently made an announcement that they are offering a limited amount of discounted 3-day GA passes through their website for $99.98. (It’s quite nice of them, and you can read more about it here:

We have gotten quite a few people asking us if the passes that we are selling as part of Riot Fest’s consignment sales would be offered at that price as well. At this time, our tickets are NOT included in this deal and remain at the $159.98 price that the 3-day GA passes were last listed on Riot Fest’s website before this promotion began. This looks to be a limited time online-only offer that is only available for purchases made through So if you’re looking for that sweet discounted price, hurry and snatch up your 3-day passes before they’re gone!

We’ll be here for you with $159.98 3-day GA passes without the service fees, CASH ONLY, once the $99.98 passes sell out (and they will sell out!!) Thank you for understanding and for helping us keep this great partnership between Music Garage and Riot Fest going year after year!