December 14, 2019

Master Networking: An Interview with Myron Cherry

By Zachary Caputo

We could talk all day about the positives of networking, and how it can truly help you reach heights you never thought you could before, but why  not let it speak for itself?

We interviewed Myron Cherry, a Music Garage tenant with a laundry list of amazing achievements. We got some engaging stories not only about his career, but how networking has helped him every step of the way.

Some of those aforementioned achievements are truly remarkable:   opening for the legendary band Mint Condition, best-selling R&B artist Ginuwine, and regularly performing at venues such as House of Blues and festivals such as SXSW.

So, how many of these opportunities came about because of networking? “All of them,” Myron said. “Networking is extremely important for what I do, especially if I desire to work as consistently and frequently as possible.”

His approach to networking shares some characteristics with other common tactics, but he has one unique way of going about things that makes him stand out from the rest: “I place cold calls and build relationships before actually working with certain people.”

Myron was also fantastic enough to share some great tips: “[Having] a basic relationship and being identifiable in your field is first and foremost. Having accessible product or evidence of your work adds more impact to your efforts.”

There you have it! No longer must you simply trust us, you have a real example of the power of networking. So, get your business cards and get out there!