October 23, 2018

Area Construction Notice

The Music Garage’s and Vic’s Drum Shop’s neighborhood is currently amidst a large construction project courtesy of the Department of Water Management (Project No: 1801102). They have been replacing the water mains throughout the area starting back in June. The work directly affecting our area starts on Loomis St. from the end of the block to Fulton Street.

There are “No Parking – Police Order” signs posted on Loomis St., which do not allow parking from 7:00AM until 3:30PM starting today, October 9, until “Completion”. In the meantime, our parking lot is first come first serve and is located directly behind our building. We cannot guarantee that if you leave before 3:30 PM the street will be open.

We are also a short walk from the Ashland Pink & Green line stop as well as the Ashland and Grand busses. Please note that the big parking lot in front of the building (with entrance from Carroll Ave.) belongs to our neighbors and any unauthorized car parked there is subject to towing!

We have signed up to receive construction update emails from the department, but unfortunately we do not know the estimated completion date. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them in hopes to give you the most recent and helpful information for planning your trip to Music Garage or Vic’s Drum Shop.

Notification from Department of Water Management:

RE:       Water Main Replacement Project #1801102

Dear Neighbor,

 In coordination with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Building a New Chicago infrastructure investment program, and at Alderman Burnett’s request, I would like to provide you with information about an upcoming water main construction project in your neighborhood. 

In early June 2018, Department of Water Management crews will begin the work to install 1,305 feet of new 8-inch water main in N. Loomis Street from W. Carroll Ave. to W. Randolph Street. The old water main dates back to 1899, and needs to be replaced.

When we are working in the street, we may close or limit it to traffic for safety reasons, but you will always be able to reach your home or business. Outside of working hours, a travel lane will be left open for local traffic only.

 We will post our work area for “No Parking” as needed during work hours (generally 7:00 am- 4:00 pm). Parking outside of those hours will be allowed, but cars will need to be moved by the start of the next workday. We will try to preserve as much parking space as possible.

 We know that construction always involves inconveniences and noise. We will do everything possible to maintain your quality of life throughout these projects, and conducting ourselves as good and thoughtful neighbors in the course of our presence on your street.

 Should you have any questions or concerns, you can either ask the construction foreman during the project, or call any of the following numbers:

  • 24-Hour City Service and Information Line: 311
  • 27th Ward Office: 773-432-1995
  • DWM Office of Public Affairs: 773-744-7242