September 19, 2018

Recording & Other Tenant Services

Music Garage has a ton of artists walking through our doors to use our rehearsal spaces and contacting us on a regular basis about the services we provide. Over the years we have received a lot of questions about booking recording sessions or studio time. Since we have so many talented tenants in our building who do provide these services, Music Garage does not provide recording services since we do not want to compete with our tenants. Music Garage does not facilitate studio time with any of our tenants nor do we give out tenant information without their permission.

With that being said, we have put together a directory of our tenants who provide professional services through their Music Garage residency who have expressed to us that they are open to taking on new clients. You may reach out to the following tenants through the contact information provided below to acquire more information about their services.

Tenants: If you are interested in being included in this directory, please send your business name and description, person of contact’s name, e-mail address and/or phone number to Elise at

 (pronounced Armani)
Creative Agency and Studio
Photography – Videography – Graphic Design – Music Sessions
Armani Coleman || || 773-492-1429 

Fran Banish
Guitar Lessons || 323-459-7319

Frankie Donaldson
Drum Lessons

Chris Dye
Drum Lessons || 312-770-1200

Good Energy Studios
Recording and Music Production
Valentino || || 312-613-5173

Jungle AE
Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Music Production
Genres: Rap / Hip Hop / Gospel / R&B / Acoustic / Folk
Cruz || || 773-240-4384

Orville Kline
Certified Ableton Live Instructor || (773) 580-9555

Andrew Sole
Drum Lessons || 630-430-8637

Aaron Smith
Drum Lessons || 312-770-1200

David Taylor
Instrument Setup, Repair, & Restringing

Viking Sound
Tracking, Mixing and Mastering for All Genres
Corporate and Broadcast Production
Siggi || 

Paul Wandtke
Drum Lessons