September 18, 2021

Showcase Room

Showcase Room

At the Music Garage we provide a wide range of professional rehearsal services to accommodate every touring act, from international headliners to local bands, looking for a professional experience. We give our clients the best in quality and service with the flexibility to fit within your budget. We’ve worked with Grammy winners and legends to create the best sounding and most comfortable rehearsal experience in Chicago, and our tour experienced staff knows what it takes to support the most demanding rehearsal.

Our showcase room is the perfect place for artists who require the ultimate in performance, comfort, security and service. Our beautiful 1,000 sq foot tuned room with 350 sq foot attached control room is the ideal space to tune up for a show or get ready for your next big tour. We can even accommodate for 24-hour lockouts. The room accommodates up to 10 individual monitor mixes, side fills, 32-channel console, eq, compressors, gates, effects. We can also provide an engineer to dial in your mix and get your rehearsal started right!

In addition to all usual building amenities, (24/7 access, easy load in, premium security, freight elevators, close location to downtown, etc), the showcase room provides the following to create a truly beautiful work environment:

  • Private security keyed elevator accessibility
  • A multitude of back-line package options
  • Custom-tuned 1,000 square ft live room with wood walls and high ceilings
  • Adjoining 350 square ft custom tuned control room also available, at no additional cost
  • 200 amp 3-phase Camlock service in both the Showcase and control room. For conventional power there are approximately 50, 20 amp 110 outlets in the Showcase room.
  • Experienced and professional staff – We’ll work with you to make sure all your sound and lighting needs are met
  • Additional rooms available for production, catering, lounge, tech and storage
  • Private off-street bus parking


To inquire about availability and pricing, please email Jim Gifford at



“The Music Garage is hands down the best rehearsal facility in Chicago or the entire Midwest for that matter!!”  – Tim “Gooch” Lougee, Tour Manager, Smashing Pumpkins

“The Music Garage was great….truly a professional rehearsal studio.”  – Adam “Cutlets” Richards, Tour Manager, The Black Crowes

“We have seen so many facets of the business come and go. When you do find something that makes you step back and say “whoa dude!”, you treat it like your own personal discovery….not to keep it secret, but to share it with your fellow production friends as a hot connection. Such is the case with The Music Garage. I look forward to many years of business and friendship…” – Rocko Reedy, Production Manager, Def Leppard and Journey – Stage Manager, U2