November 30, 2020

Open Mic

Charles West


The Music Garage has always been a place where artists can meet, collaborate and create. Our Showcase Room has served as both a venue for rehearsals as well as an event space for Open Mics as well as a vast variety of other music endeavors.

Unfortunately, our insurance company has told us they will drop our coverage if we hold any event besides a music rehearsal. Obviously, we are extremely disappointed with their decision, but as a business we absolutely have to have insurance.

Due to this, all events other than rehearsals will no longer be held at the Garage. Fortunately, the incredible creativity of artists in the Garage will continue to make it the creative hub of Chicago.

We want to take this time to thank all of those who participated in our open mics over the years, whether as an artist or a fan. We would also like to thank our amazing hosts Taylor Mallory and DJ AJonRa from Level Next Music for their time and talents that they put into the open mic events to make them a positive, welcoming, and energetic place for artists to share their stories.

We will have the Level Next Music team reach out to our open mic participants with any information on events that they plan to host in the future in order to provide another opportunity to perform and to keep the spirit of our open mics alive.


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