September 18, 2021

Private Rehearsal Studios

Private monthly rehearsal rooms can be used to meet the needs of a variety of different artists or professionals in the music industry. We have bands using private rooms as their own rehearsal spaces. Engineers record artists in private monthly rooms using custom vocal booths built by Music Garage. Even professionals in the music industry use private rooms as their offices. So in other words, we’ve seen many different uses for our private rooms because they are easily customizable to meet the needs of anyone in the music industry who wants to use the space for whatever their needs may be.

To see what every room comes equipped with, click here.

To book a tour or inquire about availability and/or pricing, give us a call at (312) 997-1972.

“You’ll never find the same combination of professionalism, comfort, service and value that you’ll get at the Music Garage.”
Kevin Guin, Bloom School of Jazz