September 18, 2021


“The Music Garage is hands down, the best rehearsal facility in Chicago, or the entire Midwest for that matter!!”
Tim “Gooch” Lougee, Tour Manager, Smashing Pumpkins


“The Music Garage was great….truly a professional rehearsal studio.”
Adam “Cutlets” Richards, Tour Manager, The Black Crowes


“We have seen so many facets of the business come and go. When you do find something that makes you step back and say “whoa dude!”, you treat it like your own personal discovery….not to keep it secret, but to share it with your fellow production friends as a hot connection. Such is the case with The Music Garage. I look forward to many years of business and friendship….”
Rocko Reedy, Production Manager, Def Leppard and Journey – Stage Manager, U2


“To whom it may concern,

Let me begin by just touching on the story of our beginnings at Music Garage.  Robot Lounge moved into Music Garage towards the end of January of 08.  We moved into the top floor…
Since then, we’ve played dozens of shows, recorded a full album, and have experienced much tragic drama together as a band.
Throughout these months we have never had one complaint about the place where we make our music.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to notice when everything is going right, and those are things we don’t bitch and fight about.
Music Garage has been nothing but good to us, and then some.
Here are a list of some of Robot Lounge’s favorite things… (which can be taken for granted, have you not experienced worse places to practice:)

24 hour elevator access
everyone is friendly but minds their own business
entertaining entrance codes
brilliantly crafted emails
summer cookout with burgers, hotdogs, and beeeeeeeer!
never out of carts to move gear


garbage service right outside
sound panelling
vending machines!!
Awesome maintenance crew—
-always full on toilet paper
-always clean bathrooms
-never puke on the hall floor from last night
electricity on your own dime
a swirling environment of passion and art centered into one location

We’re all glad to be a part of it, so thank you Chicago Music Garage for giving a loving home to be us, musicians.”

Kevan Eftekhari, Robot Lounge

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